Pete Briddon Industrial Railway Specialist

lafarge 4In the 19th and 20th centuries, Britain was one of the main locomotive suppliers of the world. Not only were many of the world's main line railways equipped with British-built  locomotives, but the vast numbers of locomotives employed in factories, quarries, steel mills and refineries across the world originated from the locomotive builders of the UK.

Even in the mid 1950s, there were a dozen industrial locomotive builders, but this rapidly reduced until, half-a-century later, you would be hard-pressed to think of one that is still manufacturing industrial locos, and the majority of our freight-hauling main liners have been imported from the USA or Europe.

The true industrial locomotive has however been evolving and is considerably more sophisticated now than ever before. Remote control for one man operation, application of Programmable Logic Controllers for safety and mechanical protection,  hydrostatic drives for compressors, noise reduction for both operator and nearby personnel - the pressures applied to industrial locomotives to make them more 'user friendly' and 'economic' have been considerable and the results have far exceeded expectations.

3fttrollThere are only a few people active in the industry today with the experience and track record of innovation of Pete Briddon. Starting in 1978 with the Rolls-Royce owned loco builder Thomas Hill, he went on to expand his own business as the Yorkshire Engine Company  Ltd, specialising in remanufacturing older locomotives - bringing them 'up-to-date' with vastly superior equipment and specification.

His wide ranging experience is available today for all-comers, whether an industrial railway operator, engineering or the heritage side. Feel free to give me a  call, or drop me an e-mail.

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